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What is a grease trap?    

A device used in commercial establishments to remove excessive amounts of grease which could interfere with proper drainage of waste water. It is usually 
located outside of the building and buried below grade. There are many different sizes and shapes, and of course there are the formulas that are the city 
plumbing codes that will dictate to you the size of grease trap that you will need.  A grease trap intercepts liquid, greasy waste and garbage and then retains it for an amount of time sufficient to allow cool down and promote separation of the grease from the water.

How does it work?

The trap contains several compartments where the grease coagulates and floats to the surface. The garbage will either float or sink to the bottom. The 
cleaner water stays underneath the floating oils and grease. When the water exits the trap through the sample well it should be free of particulate and grease 
other wise known as total suspended solids and fats oils and grease

Why clean it?  

The most important key to the successful operation of the grease trap is the maintenance program. The trap should be cleaned (pumped out) routinely to 
prevent the escape of large quantities of grease.
Commerical Grease Traps
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